Evergreen Pet Supplies Ltd. was established by Ms Lana Tsan in 1987. Lana is a dog lover since she was small. In the early 80’s, she started to import show quality champion dogs from all over the world, but due to the lack of show pet products supply in Hong Kong at that time, Lana started to import her own show pet products.

For the benefit of other show person & pet owners, she started Evergreen with a simple idea in mind, to supply high quality pet products to fellow pet lovers, thus ensuring a healthier and happier life for our beloved pets.

In 1993, a sister company was setup in Canton, China, and was the first company that holds an official right to import and export pets and pet supplies.

Looking back at the past two decades, with the the growth of pet population and prevalence of the Internet, there has been exponential development in the pet industry, animal research and information that is openly available to general pet owners, which in turn promotes safer, healthier and higher quality pet products overall.

Our company following the foot steps of our founder, will continue our emphasis on both supplying traditional and quality pet products, and following closely to the newest trends and information, introducing excellent and innovative pet products to our beloved pets.