Green Apple Chewable Yoghurt Gum

Item Code: K221
Size / Volume: 90g

  • Green apple flavored yoghurt dental gum (with Greek Yoghurt)
  • Stick-shaped, with the viscosity and elasticity of yoghurt
  • Protect teeth, prevent bad breath and maintain fresh breath
  • Low in sugar & calorie, high in protein, and easy to digest
  • Lactic acid bacteria help regulate the intestinal flora
  • Made in Korea
  • Suitable for adult dogs & puppies over 3 months old
  • Please do not feed it as a regular meal
  • Daily serving size: small dog (1.5-3kg) 0.5 piece, small dogs (3-7kg) 1 piece, medium dogs (7-11kg) 1.5 pieces, large dogs (11-22kg) 2 pieces